As a Choreographer

Vyjayanthi Kashi possesses an open mindedness for both the old and new. Her fluid choreography and repertoire of solo and group performances reflect both her Indian heritage and cross cultural experimentations. She has choreographed mythological, historical, Sanskrit and contemporary Ballets.

Performance & Choreography:

Over the years, Vyjayanthi Kashi has developed a wide
variety of dance productions based on themes ranging
from mythology, nationalism, fables, colors, folklore and
more ..

Some of our productions:

  • Rani Rudrama Devi– The Heroic Queen
  • Sadhvi– Tale of the Hidden Powers of Women
  • The Eternal Kanya– The Epic of Godess Kanya Kumari
  • Veera Bharathi– The tale of Independence
  • Namana– Salutations to the Jnana Peeta Prashathis
  • Sharmishte– The Unfortunate Asura Princess
  • Chitra Lolitha– The Colors that Speak
  • Talakadu– Folk Production
  • Bharath Utsav– Celebration of India’s Culture
  • Madhavi– The Unheard Heroine
  • Bhavya Bhooma– Wondrous Land
  • Navarasa – nine sentiments
  • Ten directions – Vedic chants
  • Women of India – The ultimate creation
  • Srishti – Creation of the universe
  • Janani Janma Bhoomischa – Tribute to India
  • Ambe – Tiny star of Mahabharata
  • Yagna – The sacrifice
  • Stabdha – The silence
  • Ardhanareeshwara – The two energies
  • Basava Sandesha– A tribute to sage Basavanna
  • Krishnarpanam– The leelas of Krishna

and many more Solo & Group Compositions.